Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blowing out candles and killing cats

Bode, Brek and I were the only ones home to see Bode blow out his candle on his cupcake. He wanted cupcakes instead of a cake for his birthday. Brek has found the kittens. We have 2 mammas that had 7 babies between the 2 of them. At first they weren't together and in fact the babies were born about 10 day-2 weeks apart. But they found each other and rented an apartment together under the stairs and that's where they are living. I was concerned about the 3 big kitties getting all the vittles but the 4 littles have held there own. I think there is always a mamma there babysitting except when the lawn mower goes by or the baby comes. So if you've seen that movie Monsters v Aliens, one of the characters says what do they call you when they see you coming? The star girl monster says "Susan"-Oh Susan, I even scared myself-other monster replies. Well, by the look of these kitties faces what do you call the monster when you see him. OH HAIR PULLER!! TAIL BITER!! Doesn't Brek look like a huge gianormic monster compared to the little fluffly babies!!


Countrylivn' said...

Funny! Breky is getting to be a giant! Cute kitties!

wyomingerica said...

Cute kitties...I want some, our dog would eat them.