Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just get through

Not much happening around here. Eric is feeling quite well other than he can't move his arm. His pain is fine. He really doesn't have any. He's down to 2 doses of meds a day and really isn't sure if he needs them or not. The biggest problem is, he can't move his arm. It difficult doing things like getting dressed, bathing, etc. which I have to help him with. Which takes time because I have to bathe and dress everyone else !-} So he's on my time!! We did go out and check fields yesterday. I was the driver, shovel carrier, door opener (the wind blew about 85 miles/hour) dirt turner. I just didn't check the dirt for moisture. I need to get some irrigators!!


Countrylivn' said...

OH I feel for you! Nothing is worse than a sick/laid up husband! I would rather have me and all kids sick! I hope you survive! Way to go with your farming! They have really cute "irrigators" at target, I have polk a dot ones!

wyomingerica said...

I heard about that wind, crazy! That is great news about Eric and the pain meds. When does he start theropy?