Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Hope everyone had a good Mother's Day. I had a busy Mother's Day. First church-but I didn't have to teach my lesson, YW always teach on Mother's Day so moms can go to RS. Then lunch at the Freeman's. Amy and Craig came along with Jason and his kids, Ray and Di and their kids, Troy and Robin and their kids and us. We left at 4 to come home to make dinner for mom and dad. They thought they would be there be 5. When we pulled into our driveway, they were sitting in their car. Had a fun dinner with them. They went home fairly early-probably needing to recover from church and prison. Then we watched Amazing Race-disappointing!! Cowboys took 2nd. So sad. And there's a little contraversary. Will be interesting to see if anything happens with that whole thing. I got 2 cards, one from Eric that all the kids signed and one for Lexi. I also got a promise of trees which I have to dig the holes for and plant but that's ok.


courtney said...

Jared and I miss those family dinners with you guys even though we were the outsiders, we never felt that way!

Sorry about your earings and necklace, it stinks to lose something you like to wear so much!