Thursday, May 6, 2010


I dreamed all night about my rag doll dog being flopped around by those big dogs. It was awful. I wonder what my kids were dreaming about it. I finally had to start singing my feel-good song (you know, when you're a youth, you're supposed to get a good song in your head, know all the lyrics so that when times get tough, you can think of that song and it can help you. Mine is I am a Child of God) anyway, I finally started singing my feel good song and was able to sleep. My neighbors have said nothing more to us. The neighbor did ask if Trig was ok-right after I put him in the shed. I didn't know then. He was all covered with slobber and I couldn't see any gushing wounds. So I told him I didn't know. I would look later when things had calmed down. That's all I've gotten out of them. The dog is ok. He doesn't seem to have any problems. He's still all sticky from slobber. I guess if those dogs were killing dogs they would have done him in because he was out numbered and they threw him around like nothing. Next time. I using the sharp end of the hoe and the shot gun, hopefully there won't be a next time. One other sad happening. You know one of my favorite things, my fake diamonds that I got for Christmas for myself, Well, my kid wore them to school and only can home with one earring and one necklace. All those times I wore them, probably twice a week since Christmas-she wears them one time to school and looses an earring!! AHHHH!! That makes me want to cry!! I'll have you know it's that time of year for my yearly visit to the down there doctor. Truly my cup over floweth at the thought of it!!


wyomingerica said...

I know the feeling. I still don't have my camera back. Why don't I learn.