Friday, July 23, 2010

Advertisement for an orchard tractor

For Sale: Blue Tractor. Can be used for many things including but not limited too...
1. Spraying an orchard
2. Moving bins around the orchard
3. Mowing an orchard or other areas that a small tractor can get in to that a larger tractor can't, like your yard or pasture that has risers in it.
4. A form of transportation for your employees to travel from one field to another so you don't have to provide vehicles for them to drive.
And the lastest and greatest
5. To pull a much bigger loader tractor that isn't working?? around because it has the horse power to do it.Ok, these guys drive regularly past my house all the time going from one orchard to another. This was an interesting site this morning when I saw the small tractor pulling the big tractor. They were going VERY slow you know to be safe and make sure there were no mishaps. But why, why are they pulling this tractor behind them? It obviously works or they couldn't have gotten it on the trailer. If it just went to slow, they were going slow probably slower than they would be going if they were driving it. I know, they are doing an ad for Kabota!!! That's got to be it. I actually really like these guys. They always wave and slow down when they drive past and have even stopped and moved a child out of the road for me.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Waves of amber grain...

We are sitting in a firepit, woodbox, ashtray-right now because our wheat is on the verge of being ready to harvest. It looks beautifuluntil you see the kosha in the background. Yes, we have received a letter from the weed control that we need to take care of our weeds.
No fires allowed by our house for a while!!

Nothin' happening here

We really have nothing going on. We're not in charge of the 24th of July so we aren't doing anything with that. It is the boat races this weekend, don't know if we will go or not. Lexi's VB game got cancelled so don't have to do that. Really all we need to do is clean!! Bet my kids are goin' love that!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The earings I chose were called Daisy Rainbow Crystals. I chose them because they were different colors and they matched with mostly anything.When I got my earings done I was shocked at how it didn't hurt!All it felt like was somebody pinching me.After I got my ears pierced they had to put that ear care stuff on and they made it drip so much that it dripped down my shirt!After they put the ear care stuff on they told me that I had to wait 6weeks!Then they told me what kind of earings that I could wear.They told me that I couldn't wear any fish hook earings only straight post earings.After they told me all the information we looked around their store and found cute earings and some pretty sweet hats.Okay so you want to know why I didn't cry?It was because 2 people did it at the same time!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer's b-day

Here's the one picture I have of Summer's birthday. We celebrated at Gma Nielson's house with Kache and Ryder and Dallie. She got make-up, nylons, a dress and someday, maybe, if we ever make it to town-her ears pierced.

Monday, July 5, 2010


This is why smart farmers can't set off fireworks in our little rural area because some usmart people went down in a very sagebrushy area and set off fireworks and caught the whole basin on fire. These pictures are taken from Corrales' home looking toward the north (Othello) on N Wahluke. This is Satakes' home. The flames were close and yes the local farmers who set out fireworks later that evening were given a ticket for it. Sad that people have to ruin it for everyone!!

Answering ?s

Ok these pictures are all out of order and it's hard to tell the story but it's to difficult to move everything around so good luck!!
You drove through this flag drapped over the park entrance.Ok, odd to have this in the parade but last night I saw it again coming off the flat bed because someone lit fireworks off down in the draw below Davidsons and Klinkers old house and caught the whole place on fire. It burned right up to Odermotts house, Satakes house, right along N. Wahluke, Grays house. The firefighters were working all day long.If you look at the people on the ground you can kind of get the feel for how large this flag is. And I didn't know that Othello and Connell both had ladder trucks?!!

Brianna Casper spraying people down. It was a silent parade except when all of our trucks came out (district 4) then they started honking, sirens, spraying. All the fun things we usually do.This firetruck came all the way from Issaqua. They were from the fartherest away but we also had trucks from Wenachee, Pasco, Kennewick, Benton Co, Adams Co, Grant Co, Dayton, Spokane, Washtucna, fish and game, Hanford-I can't remember all the places they came from.This funky truck was from Issaqua. The driver of it graduated from Connell or has ties to this area. He flew in to drive it. Apparently only the very important have gotten a firetruck that looks like this because they haven't been issued yet?? The fireman that was coordinating the beginning of the parade told me that.
John Rose (yes Erica your mid wife) and his COOL golf cart fire truck with his grandkids.Some kind of hot rod that has no trannie. It just gets up and goes, so it had to be pushed by a 4-wheeler.
Purple people eater-that ran out of gas during the parade. It was in front of all the fire truck so they were backed up behind it. Chet B. (firefighter who died) built it to be a in crash up derby.
Ms. North Franklin floatWe fed 500 people at the park. We planned for 1500 so there was alot of food left over. The biggest problem we have is not all the community came. The line of cars was INCREDIBLE going down to the park. So that might have discouraged people from coming. Go to Tri-City herald dot com to see the article. The parade went off without a hitch. I'm pretty high strung and like things organized. I had some additional help and they were way more laid back. I don't think mom took any pictures but alot of my of facebook friends did so I will get some pictures from there.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The 4th, well on the 3rd

Yep, I was co-in charge of the BC parade this year again. It was on the large scale because we had a fire fighter die in the line of duty and the firefighters from around the state came to honor him. We had 87 emergency vehicles in our parade, tripling the size of it. (at least) Here are some pictures taken by the Tri-City Herald. I left my camera at home!! In this picture Bode is on the bottom of the screen by the pink chair. Eric, mom, Brek and I are all standing back behind the blue pick-up. Lexi is standing behind the flag. All you can see of her are her legs.Summer is in this picture with her back to us. She is wearing red with the red, white and blue ribbons in her hair. She was serving food (watermelon).This is a picture of all the fire trucks parked down at the park. It was really cool to see.