Monday, July 5, 2010

Answering ?s

Ok these pictures are all out of order and it's hard to tell the story but it's to difficult to move everything around so good luck!!
You drove through this flag drapped over the park entrance.Ok, odd to have this in the parade but last night I saw it again coming off the flat bed because someone lit fireworks off down in the draw below Davidsons and Klinkers old house and caught the whole place on fire. It burned right up to Odermotts house, Satakes house, right along N. Wahluke, Grays house. The firefighters were working all day long.If you look at the people on the ground you can kind of get the feel for how large this flag is. And I didn't know that Othello and Connell both had ladder trucks?!!

Brianna Casper spraying people down. It was a silent parade except when all of our trucks came out (district 4) then they started honking, sirens, spraying. All the fun things we usually do.This firetruck came all the way from Issaqua. They were from the fartherest away but we also had trucks from Wenachee, Pasco, Kennewick, Benton Co, Adams Co, Grant Co, Dayton, Spokane, Washtucna, fish and game, Hanford-I can't remember all the places they came from.This funky truck was from Issaqua. The driver of it graduated from Connell or has ties to this area. He flew in to drive it. Apparently only the very important have gotten a firetruck that looks like this because they haven't been issued yet?? The fireman that was coordinating the beginning of the parade told me that.
John Rose (yes Erica your mid wife) and his COOL golf cart fire truck with his grandkids.Some kind of hot rod that has no trannie. It just gets up and goes, so it had to be pushed by a 4-wheeler.
Purple people eater-that ran out of gas during the parade. It was in front of all the fire truck so they were backed up behind it. Chet B. (firefighter who died) built it to be a in crash up derby.
Ms. North Franklin floatWe fed 500 people at the park. We planned for 1500 so there was alot of food left over. The biggest problem we have is not all the community came. The line of cars was INCREDIBLE going down to the park. So that might have discouraged people from coming. Go to Tri-City herald dot com to see the article. The parade went off without a hitch. I'm pretty high strung and like things organized. I had some additional help and they were way more laid back. I don't think mom took any pictures but alot of my of facebook friends did so I will get some pictures from there.