Friday, April 18, 2008

Do's and Don'ts

Ok, I have a few do's and don'ts for you today. Do hook up the hose outside to the water faucet so that it is much easier to water the calves. Do do that big homework project a few days BEFORE it is due at school. Do take your garbage out more than one a week. Do call the local radio station and win $105 for being the 15th caller and be entered into a drawing for a trip to Disneyland. (I wish I had done this but I didn't. But my friend, Danell did and she WON!! a $105!! So exciting!!) Don't leave your second cell phone purchased on Ebay, lost your first one, bought a second on Ebay and found out it was a dud, puchased 3rd one in your pants and guess what, you washed your pants. RUINED phone!! Now I'm back on Ebay looking for a new phone AGAIN!! Don't buy airline tickets from a company that is going to go belly up!! I hope that Southwest is still in business when we go on our sister retreat!! I heard this morning they are having problems!! YIKES!!


Mark & Danette Bowen said...

Hey Tricia!
I found you too! Can I out a link on mine for yours?? Also my email is now The store is doing well and I am enjoying sharing my projects with everyone. Any good ideas??? How is your vinyl cutting going? Want to trade ideas? Hope all is well! Can't wait to keep in touch

Tricia and Eric Freeman said...

Yes, please out a link, I'm doing cutting for wards and stuff. The High school a little. You would be on the edge of cutting ideas better than me. I will post some of the stuff I have done recently.