Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Random thoughts

Spring Break is OVER!! Boo HOO!! I don't like having school in. It's hard to do homework. Summer missed school yesterday and woke up this morning not feeling well. I made her stay in bed all day yesterday. I think I'm going to have to take her to the dr. but then she got up and got ready. I gave her motrin. She will probably call during the day sick and I will have to go get her. Bode isn't feeling well either and Brek has a cough. I wish everyone would get better. I'm ready for no more coughing. Bode coughs so hard that he throws up and he also likes to spit his boogers out where ever he might be standing. YUCK!! We haven't really done anything fun. Eric has ward council tonight I have song practice for a cantata our ward is doing and a Camp wooten meeting to attend. Which Eric has to go to because it's the same time as song practice and I missed last week's practice because I thought it was at 6 and it was at 5. I had some funny Bode-isms but I can't remember them right now. I will have to write later.


Rachel B said...

Oh I can feel your pain with having a sick baby. Addison just went through the whole cold illness and coughing so hard that she throws up everything she just ate. I hope everyone feels better soon.

Jenni said...

It's a bummer having sick kids. I hope everyone is feeling better soon.