Saturday, April 12, 2008

O Remember, Remember

This week in RS we are studying the Conf Talk given by Pres. Eyring O Remember, Remember. He challenges us to find the Savior's hand in our lives and remember. Some of the things that I have noticed this week have been

My clothes line. It has finally gotten warm enough to hang clothes out which I love. I love the smell of the clothes and the fact, that since my dryer is so awesome, my clothes get drier quicker on the line then in the dryer. I also get to spend so time with my children teaching them how to hang clothes.

I love my NICE riding lawn mower. It allows me to cut my yard in a fraction of the time. And because of that I'm able to have a big yard to enjoy. Because this kind of mower isn't cheap I appreciate my husband for either making enough $ to let me buy it or just agreeing that we could buy it.

I LOVE Brek's swing. He sleeps in it every night so I get sleep. This swing was given to me by sisters in my ward, so that makes me love them more for their generous offers to me.

I love the fact that I have running water. Whenever I go to the sink or the bath, water comes out of the faucet. I'm able to turn on my washing machine or dishwasher and know that things will be cleaned.