Monday, April 14, 2008

Just boring

Not much going on around here. We are trying to get our water and power paid so that we can water the grass which is very yellow and the wheat. Great year to be a wheat farmer even if it is only 5 acres. The girls have their state "no child left behind" tests for the next few weeks. Lexi is nervous but she will do fine. Sum could care less. Bode has been busy building a piece of farming equipment out of my tiny screwdrivers, four corners from his sandwich this morning, a couple AAA batteries and some twine. In his mind, if it (it being a PU, tractor, etc.) doesn't have something behind it, like a trailor or piece of equipment, it's basically worthless. He has to create something that can be pulled. What a funny guy. I bet John Deere would have really liked to have Bode on his design team!!


wyomingerica said...

The trailers drive me crazy. And they could be engineered better. Sound fun.