Thursday, May 1, 2008


Brek is getting big and fat. He still cries alot during the day but still SLEEPS ALL THROUGH the NIGHT. I love that. I hope my sis can stand to be around me because he cries so much. I'm trying some new formula so hopefully it will work as the formula for fussy babies didn't. Just made him fussy.


wyomingerica said...

Aren't you getting so excited? I have so much to do. Are you making lots of dinners? I don't think I'm going to I want to just leave money, do you think I will get away with that.

Janetlee said...

Tricia, this is Janet Carter. It was fun to see your comment on our blogsite. I'll enjoy viewing yours if that is okay.

Jennifer said...

Trish he is getting so big...He is too cute...Love the hat :)