Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Feed my Sheep! Not my dogs!!

Ok, this is what 1500 sheep look like walking past your house. This is their second time in front of our house. The first trip, as they were going past, the dogs decided they would like to eat our cats. Lexi cat got picked up pretty fast. But it laid really limp as the owner and others chased it around trying to catch it. As soon as one dog would drop the cat, another dog would pick it up. Finally someone picked up the cat and brought it back to safety. Yesterday, the sheep herder stopped by and told us that he would be bringing his sheep back by so we could protect our cats. Thank you for the warning. As for the cat, it survived but I think it had diarrhea for a few days.

Cat Eating Dog


Rachel B said...

Poor cat! And BAD DOG! That's a whole lotta sheep.