Friday, February 22, 2008

Is there a book on motherhood??

Ok, you think I would have this figured out by now?? I lay down with my baby and wonder "Ok, how long do I need to lay here?" For 5 minutes? Or maybe until he's not moving anymore? Or maybe when he's snoring or breathing hard? So I think that I've waited the right amount of time and I move just an inch to the edge of the bed. He squirms, so I lay really still for a few minutes. Then I move a little closer to the edge of the bed. Then he starts rooting. This goes on for a half an hour. Finally I decide, ok I'm just going to get off the bed in one SMOOTH movement. Yeh right!! Remember you've just had a baby and a smooth movement is the farthest thing that your body can do right now. Instead your like an elephant clumsily lumbering out of the bed. So even if your baby was asleep, he's not now!!


wyomingerica said...

how fun, I think that is when you try the pasifier. But I definantly remember that.

Danell said...

Okay, that is funny. I think we all remember those moments. Don't breathe!!!