Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Brother

Today is Kollin's birthday. He would be 31. When he was born, my mom and dad were going through that hippy stage where it was cool to have a baby in the dr. office instead of at the hospital. He was born at Dr. McIntyre's office and then my mom laid on the UNCOMFORTABLE semi-kind of a bed at the dr. the whole night with Kollin on her chest. That's where all the bonding began I guess. She said it was bad after awhile, you know you want to roll over and change positions but she couldn't because Kollin was on her chest. Then about when he was 6 months old he got really sick. He was a chunk of a kid so I guess he had some weight to lose. Thank Goodness!!
I remember one time he was riding the baby calves. It was so much fun to ride them ut really we were too big to ride them and of course, we weren't supposed. Well, he rode. A few days earlier we had rodeoed including putting rubberbands on the bull calves to make them steers. The next day, Kollin was feeding the calves and saw the reminites of bull parts. He thought he had caused this to happen to the calves he had rode the day before so he went and confessed that he had caused damage to the animals. He was a good man. After his mission, he called me to repentance telling me that I needed to have a cleaner house. He quoted several scriptures to me. He was a man not afraid to stand for the right. I have learned that hurting this bad must be something like our Heavenly Father feels about us as his children. My heart breaks everyday for Sara and Luke and my mom. But this deep emotion this deep feel affirms to me that families are forever. That these relationships we have had long before this life and will have long after this life. I miss you sweet, corky brother. I love you. But I'm so grateful for the knowledge and comfort the Gospel gives me.


wyomingerica said...

you do such a good job, I took a picture from your blog. Thanks

Countrylivn' said...

Such cute pictures, of me especially!! haha. I was wishing to see some of him, thanks Trish.