Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Been crazy busy as I'm sure everyone has because of the time of year it is. I have been running the spelling bee at the school everyday. One day left tomorrow and then I'm done! YEH!! I also had to speak at enrichment meeting which wasn't a big deal (too big of a deal). I guess I did ok. Glad that's over too. I really want to VT this week as I know that one of the ladies I teach is leaving town and I didn't get her last month. It is also my cooking day and I'm hoping that my dinner gets done before I have to leave for scrumb scrouts aka cub scouts. I don't think it's going to be done though. I didn't start my crock soon enough and so here we sitting watching it cook which doesn't make it cook any faster!! Frustrating! I also put together a card for mom and "her boys". But that didn't take too much time. I put together an wreath to give to my VTees and partner so I'm all done with that and the worst thing!! I made fudge that I can't stay out of. I don't want to eat it!! I can't eat it but it's SOOOO good. I've got some other ideas for crafts that I want to do and there's also a state football game this weekend that would be great to go too. Lexi really wants to go. I think that we-Eric, Lex and I -might go over for the day. I hope the roads are good!! What else can I fill my day with? At least I haven't had any gum incidents or furniture turned to rubble. Oh yeh, anniversary!! What anniversary?? The bad thing about getting married around holidays is you get to spend your anniversary with TONS of extended family. I did get a new lap top though. I still don't know how to use it but it's fun finding out. Also our tree is up and bare from about 3 feet down.


Countrylivn' said...

Fun post, I am such a slacker with the christmas decor, I guess I just cant believe it is already December. We have got to get a tree! (and take down all of the halloween decorations)

wyomingerica said...

thanks for the update. I've been the lone blogger.