Thursday, December 10, 2009

No one was impressed

with my green ness so I'm going to put up a new post. Just so you know, Pres. Obama is getting his NPP today and the reason he's getting it is because he gave a speech about ending the war in the mid-east but since he has been in office, he has sent more troops to mid-east than P.Bush had there. You tell me, he was elected-now do what you said you were going to do!! But I don't want to get all political on my blog so that's all I'm going to say about that. Well, I had an interesting day yesterday in town. We were having scouts and dipping assorted items in chocolate so I needed to get all the supplies. I went through the grocery store gathering all my items and things that I needed at home too. Got through the checkout and totalled my bill $90 and couldn't find my debit card(still missing) or my checkbook anywhere. Winco only takes debit, check or cash.; Went to my van to looking for these items. Didn't find them. Went to the ATM to see if I could remember one of my "secret codes" for my credit cards, couldn't remember them-I guess that's why they are SECRET! So I asked if I could run to my bank and get cash. Winco is apparently used to this because it was no big deal for me to walk out of the store without my items. Went to the bank who is also used to this because it was NO BIG DEAL!! So after wasting about 45 mins. I finally had my groceries in the van. I only had time to go to Costco after that so I'm on my way to town tomorrow. I've got to get teacher's gifts and I have a good idea about them and I'm helping with Bode's class party-if you have any ideas, let me know. Here are pics from last night's Christmas party. Lexi was a member of the SIA-Santa Intellegence Agency (I don't know what intellegence has to do with anything but they liked the name?) Brek was pleased to be pretty far away from Santa and liked looking at him but sitting on his lap was a stretch. He survived. My tweeny is starting to get tweeny skin. I remember my first zits and I had them throughout my teenagerhood. I feel bad for her because her sister (who does take very good care of her skin-washing every night, etc) has the lovely, beautiful Freeman skin.


wyomingerica said...

cute pictures.

Countrylivn' said...

Tell what the teacher gifts are, I need some, I am sure it includes vinyl too right? Post your ideas!!!

Tricia Freeman said...

those pictures look great mom!
P.S.this is from summer.