Thursday, December 17, 2009

I have met my match!!

JR HIGH UPDATE: Bode came home and saw the cakes and wanted to make one but I ran out of heads so he had to use a kiss. Then Lexi came along and informed me that Bode's by far looked better than mine. Bode had even put a face on his with frosting!! I've been out done but a 6 yr old!!

UPDATE: My E kids came home from school and thought the cakes looked GREAT!! So yeh!! At least my 1st grader is happy.

I seriously have no business being in the kitchen. I truly can't cook, bake or anything of the sort. Come on my MIL is like a professional cake decorator, if she saw these homely cakes, she would die. These poor penguins were kicked out of the South Pole for ugliness for sure. You would think with all the weeding of very fine vinyl, cutting tiny little pieces of paper into a thousand different shapes and sewing, that I could at least decorate a cupcake. Well, I can't. I can't even keep my station clean (as Collette says on Ratatouille "Keep your station clean, or I will kill you!"
I have joined a cooking group, well a swapping group where one of us cooks a meal for 4 families and then we swap so I actually only cook for my family 4 times a week, the other 3 days are brought to us. Well, I have had a few disasters doing that but this is by far one of my worst undertakings. I'm so glad that it's for a bunch of 1st graders that won't really care. However they will want to eat with caution as the only thing holding these babies together is about 10 toothpicks. Next time maybe I'll just buy the cupcakes!! One side note, be sure to make your cupcake decorating debut with a mom who gets PAID to decorate cakes!! That was well thought out. Why didn't I let her bring the treat??


Countrylivn' said...

Are you kidding, they are DARLING! I must have a simple mind like Bode, I could eat a couple dozen of them no problem!!

janica said...

what are you talking about?? those look awesome!!!

Kiley said...

Yeah, I was just thinking today while I was making fudge how poor of a cook I am. I was actually going to blog about it - funny that you did first.