Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's snowing here!!

It has been snowing here off and on all AM. Of course we've been cooking alot and playing. Everyone has been staying inside but it is warmer - 23 instead of 11. There was a short sledding party and a long swimming party. The hottub was on economy so it was a cool 84 but now they have it up to 101 and have shocked it as to not get diseases. We did have a Harry Potter party last night with 2 TVs playing the new movie of HP. We have also done 2 puzzles (Bret and Kris spent alot of time doing it). I will try to take some pictures but really haven't today. Maybe we will get snowed in and can't go home.


Kiley said...

The cabin looks pretty. Do cell phones work up there so I can call? Kache and Ryder say they miss all their cousins!