Friday, December 4, 2009


This week I have been slammed but I can report that I have finished all the projects I had going on. The spelling bees are all done. There was lots of excitement including my good friend's son who has autism winning the 2nd grade spelling bee (he won spelling dinosaur-one of his most favorite things). And then another kid that was blind in the 5th grade placing in the top ten. Very exciting. I think it is the first year that he participated. I had to adjust the way a said words or at least used my eyes because he couldn't see. So I would have to tell him ok Miguel it's your turn or you need to wait for so and so to get done then it's your turn. It was very rewarding. It reminded me of JEOPARDY when they had that blind guy on there and they had to adjust the way they did things just a little so that he could participate. Then after spelling bee yesterday, I went over to the JH to help Lexi and friends decorate a door for a contest they are having. She will finish it up today. Today I'm staying home this morning and then I have to take Lexi to get a wart removed off her foot. I don't think she's going to be feeling very well after the dr is done with her.