Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We are soooo

GREEN!! Everyone including Pres. OBAMA would be so proud of us. Today mom and I did the most green thing possible!! We recycled old Christmas Cards and made them into new Christmas card. And this is the kicker...they are going to the GREENEST prison in the US of A!! Most incredible efforts made by mom and myself. Don't you think that we deserve a NPP (in case some of you don't know-NOBEL PEACE PRIZE) I do believe that we should be in the running!! So please, if you see me, congrat me on my green-ness and if you live to far away to see me-so sorry I can't totally improve your life by being close to you with my total green-ness-please leave me a very GREEN message about how we rock at this GREEN thing!! I think I'll run for governor-I stand a good chance because afterall, I am female!! Oh and GREEN!!