Wednesday, June 11, 2008

6th Grade Promotion

Had a big party today after trying to get the slide show ready for a week and alot of stress, it's over, HURRAY!! I made Erica's kids come to the school to help decorate for 6th grade graduation or whatever you want to call it. Kam blew up over a 100 balloons with heluim. We had other kids from the 6th grade helping or else we would probably still be there. There are pictures of the columns, we made 4 of them and the there was a red carpet for the kids to walk on and balloons stuck on the floor. And random balloons around. I have no idea if it was over done or not. When I asked Lexi's teacher she said it was comparable to last year. Then others said way better decs the in times past. I had never seen decs from times past. For not wanting to even have a graduation, we sure went all out, I guess. It wasn't too much work other than the slide show. LOTS OF WORK. Somebody said that I should go into business decorating, I said no way, I'm too busy. Eric said "Yeh, then you would get paid for everything you do. I said I already do by making my kids happy. Sum can't wait for her promotion (Maybe that will be the year we stop doing it, I can only hope!!) Lexi will be in JR High next year riding that stinky bus to Connell. How I wish it wasn't so far. She has a b-day tomorrow too. Will post stuff tomorrow about the b-day. For some reason my pics all show up at the top of the post. I don't know what's going on, anyway that was our day. Thanks to the boys for helping. Oh yeh, Kam didn't get to come because he had to drive the baler. Poor guy.


wyomingerica said...

Alex has the cutes dress, I love it. The decorations look really good. So is school out then?