Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Girls Camp

Well, Lex left for girls camp this morning. She was excited. She will be back on Friday. She took my camera so I won't be posting any pics unless they are older. We aren't doing anything around here other than the regular stuff. I am in charge of the BC 4th of July Parade so I will be doing some things like that in the next week and half. I also have Enrichment coming up. If anyone has any ideas for Enrichment let me know. We are always wanting to try something new. I did find out that Lacey Eppich Walker had a 10 lb baby girl sometime last week. Congrats to her and George. Other than that, I don't know anything!!


wyomingerica said...

We had grilled pizza at enrichment one time and I still do the recipe at least once a week. Girls camp, I have it in a few weeks. Hope she has a good time.

Jenni said...

We had a fun "The Price is Right" enrichment on food storage. The invites were price tags, we played several of the games from the show but used food storage items and prizes were stuff like cans of soup. For desert we had things made from food storage food. Our hostestes name was Carey Drew. Turned out really fun.