Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The circus

Lex won tickets to the circus and it was last night. We got in for free but NOTHING else was free. They charged for everything of course. And we were there waiting for rhte circus to start for 1 1/2 hrs. It was terrible. That's how they make their $, by giving rides etc. It cost $6 to ride little ponies, jump in a bounce house, $8 to ride the elephants. $5 for a snowcone, $3 for popcorn and cotton candy and $10 for a sword that lit up (you can get them at the $1 store). Anyway, that's where they get all their $. So we ended up paying $24 for the circus. The kids rode the elephant. It was SOOO hot in Trac too. And nasty because we went to the second showing so the floors were all sticky and nasty and it stunk like animals. The circus part was great. The trapeze artist were cool and there were black bears there that were really cool. They also had a low wire act that was pretty amazing. But just as it got started, the actual circus, it went for 45 mins then they stopped and opened up all their rides and pics with bears, etc and that was at 8:45 so we decided to leave. I'm sure they did something with the elephants in the show but we didn't see it. There were also cool horses.


wyomingerica said...

I don't ever need to go to the circus again. We didn't even right the elephants. Everything was so gross. When the kid can alway say they went to the circus.