Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Anniversary

It was my parents anniversary yesterday. They have been married for 40 years!! They met at Ricks college before my dad went on his mission and continued to write, etc. However, my mom dated and I think had a pretty serious beau. It's interesting how important it is to marry the right person. My dad came home from his mission and my mom was there. I think she told me once that she wouldn't want a girl there the day of or the next day of return from mission, yet Grandma let her come?? Anyway, they were married in the Logan Temple. They attended BYU and then I think they drove to the U of New Mexico to go to Vet school that fall and they hit the campus and turned around and left because of the lack of a good atmosphere. It was the 60's. Anyway, they ended up in Burley and ran a Stinker Gas station and then in Kuna farming with my Gpa Nielson. It probably seems like just yesterday that they were childless and carefree!! It took them a while to get preg and then they couldn't get the faucet shut down for a while. They are great parents and we are blessed to live close to them to share moments with them. Our kids get to know them well. Hope you had a great day.


wyomingerica said...

I didn't know that dad wanted to go to Vet school. I like the picture of Mijken working hard in the first picture. Love moms short shirt.