Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bode's first day

It was Bode's first day today of Kindergarten. He was VERY excited. And don't you just LOVE the shirt he picked to wear for the first day. He wanted to wear his pirate shirt. Eric asked me why I bought it, because he liked it. He has some tractor shirts and trucks shirts but he chose this one. Funny boy! Here he is with his teacher Mrs. Isom. She has been all of my kids' K teacher. However, her name changed from Evans to Isom when she got married to Mr. Isom!!


wyomingerica said...

I can't believe Bode and Wes are in the same year in school. Bode is to young to go to school. One kid at home, just like me. Are you going to do anything fun?

Kiley said...

His eyes look tired, could he not go to sleep the night before?