Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I heart VB

Ok, so Lex is on C team which apparently they haven't had for a few years. And they scheduled NO C Team games for home. So I stirred the pot a bit and got at least one game at home (so Eric could come watch). And that required me to be the ref!! OK, rules have changed ALOT since I coached let alone played. Apparently (maybe just in WA, I don't know) you can double hit on the first ball over the net. Meaning, the girls can now hit the ball so hard (either serving or spiking) and in order to have a more competitive game they are allowing girls to double hit on the first ball over the net. That means you can set a serve!! WHOOO!! Talk about totally different from my learnin'. They also play rally scoring which means every serve is a point. The team that messes up doesn't get a point!! I like that except, I don't like a team winning on a missed serve. But hey, what can I do about it-especially at JR High when there are alot of missed serves. So I'm learning a little about VB. I do have to say that our cute neighbor girl is also on Lexi's team. We were losing the game 13-23 (to win you have to make 25 point or win by two if it's above 25 points, at least that's still the same??!!) Anyway, the cute Neighbor got up to serve and she served 12 points, that means that the ball landed on Ki-Be's (that's who we were playing) side of the court or came back over the net and went out) 12 times!! It was incredible to see. She did an excellent job!! Huge SHOUT OUT to Olivia for a great job and hanging in there!!


Kelly said...

You left out the part where the serve can hit the net now and go over and still count. That one is still hard for me. (hey by the way I'm coming up there over conference weekend to see you if your going to be around. Let me know. We're coming up to visit Marsha.)

Amy said...

I was amazed with the changes of the roles in VB. Granted it has been quite a while since I worried about it.....:0)
We had homecoming up here a couple of weeks ago and it was fun! Everything was here on island; cross country, volleyball, swimming and football (of course). Made for a very full weekend and I am still not used to the new rules.