Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'm busy

Ok, I'm really busy. I have been the the Jr High twice this last week. Plan on more trips this next week or the following week. Lexi will start have ball games. I have Enrichment meeting on Tues. Will let you know how that goes. We are doing a Price is Right game show with food storage. Lexi's campaigning starts this week. She's got to get some posters done but instead she runnings around with her siblings playing and scrapbooking. Other than that just doing the usual stuff except I think that I'm going to swath the wheat stubble because Kameron Jenks is taking it. Anyway, busy week. I'm sure like everyone else.


Jenni said...

We did the prices right food storage night for our last enrichment (June). It was loads of fun. :) Hope you have a good night with it too.